Kocam Beni Kacının Karısıyla Aldattı Seks Hikayesi

hi well this is to tell you about me and my best m8 well we both race in the stockcars up in scotland and it was one nighte at the stockcars wen we had just finishes the race we got out our cars in the pits and just looked at each other.

i was walking down the pits to see another race. by the way my name is sean and my best m8s name is lyndsey. so yea i was walking down the pits to see another race wen lynsey walked up beside me and touched mycock. so i just held her hand.

she then walked into the girls toilets still holding my hand so i just followed her into them we went into one of the cubicles and she started to kiss me i just kissed her back her lips were so nice and soft i could ov kissed her all day.

she then stated to undo me trousers and she took them down i undid hers and my cock was by now fully hard i am taller than lynsey so i piked her up and put my cock inside her nice shaved bald pussy and i began to go in and out of it mmmmmmmmm.

she wasd enjoying it as i could tell by the look on her face but we were trying to do it quietly so no one would here. me still raming my cock in and out of her nice wet pussy and her trying to keep quiet.

i then pulled ou t as i was about to cum she got down on her knees and undid her top and began to rub her 34c tits. she then wedhed my 5″ cock in between her tits and moved up and down i then cumed all over her tits and she liked some of it up.

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